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Next Classes: Berlin & Landover. Register Now

Why We Exist

If you have the pride of being a plumbing professional, you owe it to yourself and those you serve to acquire professional credentials. We exist so you can gain these credentials and advance in your career.


For years, I’ve experienced how my professional licenses open doors for me. We should all take pride in what we accomplish professionally and never stop learning. 

Bill Sompayrac, Founder

States We Serve

We provide professional training for plumbers in these jurisdictions.


We help you get backflow certified, and prepare you for your plumber exam.


Virginia private plumbing exam prep is currently being offered via Zoom.


DC Water recognizes our Maryland training.

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Five Decades of Experience to Share

Bill Sompayrac started his career in the plumbing trade as an apprentice with the Associated Builders and Contractors in June of 1972. Working with two different contractors in the Baltimore area as an apprentice, Bill learned commercial and residential work from the ground up, working with new homes as well as small and large commercial buildings.
Along the way he picked up a lot of experience working with hot water and steam heating systems, as well as repair and maintenance of plumbing systems in both commercial buildings and residential properties.
After completing his apprenticeship and subsequently reaching his goal of earning a journeyman plumbing license, Bill accepted a new job with the Department of Defense at Fort Meade, Maryland. Little did he know, he was starting a career that would last 29 years and allow him to earn a nice retirement pension.
Bill didn’t retire to the rocking chair as some do. He transitioned from a career in public service to the business world. He hit the ground running with his plumbing business that he had already been running for 25 years on a part-time basis.
After about nine years in private business on a full-time basis, it was time for Bill to transition to something a little less physically demanding. Early in his career, Bill had picked up four years of experience training apprentices with the Associated Builders and Contractors, which sparked his passion for sharing his knowledge with others.
After retiring from plumbing work once again, Bill immediately registered for an instructor certification course for cross connection and backflow control and testing at the University of Florida. Having earned that certification, Bill contracted with another company to provide backflow certification training for four and a half years.
In the summer of 2021, Bill got approval from the Maryland State Plumbing Board to offer this training on his own. Now Bill is providing backflow certification training, as well as Journey and Master Plumber license prep training. Bill is getting ready to begin decade number six in the plumbing field and is showing no signs of letting up.


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